COA Supports National Disability Rights Memorial & Museum

COA fully supports creation of a national place of memory and learning about the Disability Civil Rights Movement. PowerPoint HERE.

TASH Lifetime Achievement Award

At the December 2018 TASH Conference in Portland Oregon, the Board of TASH conferred their first Lifetime Achievement Award to Jim Conroy.

Outcomes of Leaving Sheltered Workshops

COA is committed to ask and answer the question "Are people better off after they leave sheltered workshops?" We've designed a research agenda toward that end, and are now seeking partners and funding to do the national level study that is needed

Welcome to The Center for Outcome Analysis

The Center for Outcome Analysis, Inc., (COA) is a non-profit firm founded in 1985 to perform evaluation, research, and demonstration projects in the human services and health care services. COA is founded on the principle that service agencies should be guided by the measurable individual quality of life outcomes of their services and supports. Many qualities of life are reliably measurable, and they should be measured. The ultimate unit of accountability for human services must become the quality of life of the people receiving supports.

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It's Time to Begin Creation of a National Place of Memory and Learning about the Disability Rights Movement. The Pennhurst Memorial Alliance and the Museum of disABILITY History gave a presentation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Symposium on Disability Rights February 21. Judith Gran, Jim Conroy, and David Mack-Hardiman created the PowerPoint, which can be seen here

The Quality of College Life Experience for Students with Intellectual Disabilities. We are working with Millersville University to track and evaluate the quality of life impacts of going to college. The effort is both short and long term, and is aimed at quality of life experiences including relationships & inclusion, choicemaking & independence, goals & achievements, work & income, and family perspectives. A recent presentation given at the AHEAD conference in Orlando is available upon request. The short, simple, reliable data collection instrument is available in Word right here at TPSID COA Instrument.

The Evidence for Self-determination and Personal Budgeting (also called Individual Budgeting and Person-Centered Budgeting) - twenty years of scientific evidence - here.

Self-Determination - The Book. A compendium of the writings and studies that emerged from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's National Initiative on Self-Determination for People with Developmental Disabilities has been completed, and is available to order here:

Nick Romeo's Story of Institutional Abuse: Read a classic 1984 expose of conditions at an institution - Pennhurst - and the victory of Nicholas Romeo, whose case of systematic abuse went all the way to the Supreme Court.

Quality of Life & Supports Measurement Instruments: Interested in short, one page, demonstrated reliable and valid instruments to measure choice, integration, productive activity, work & income, person-centered practices, and qualities of life? See them at Personal Life Quality measurement tools.

Deinstitutionalization Studies in Korea: A preliminary translation of these instruments for use in monitoring Qualities of Life during deinstitutionalization in Korea is available as Korean PLQ here.

Memorializing the Disability Rights Movement: Dr. Conroy is Co-President of the Pennhurst Memorial & Preservation Alliance, devoted to respectful memory of the human rights struggle of people with disabilities. Our work is centered on the historic tragedies and triumphs that unfolded at the Pennhurst institution. See our website here.

Outcomes of Holistic Practices - When people with intellectual & developmental disabilities who are challenged with problems in comfort, happiness, and behavior get involved in therapies like massage, Reiki, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, breathing exercises, and related practices, do their lives improve? See a new study design and how we'll attempt to measure this scientifically here.

The classic Pennhurst Longitudinal Study can be viewed and downloaded here.

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